Masking Your Absentee Green Thumb

Not all of us are blessed with a green thumb and the ability to grow things anywhere we plant them. Those that do usually go into a related field in terms of career or at least carry on their horticultural interests as a hobby. If you don’t like gardening but have one and want to keep it looking nice, here are some tips for you to follow.

Easy Growth

Find some flowers like the perfect camellia sasanqua which is fairly easy to grow and flowers well too. These last for many years and do not require a lot of effort. They grow best in shade dappled with bits of sunlight. There are others flowering shrubs that are very easy to grow. They require no extra fertilizer and no special treatment except watering and weeding now and then. Plenty of creepers with beautifully coloured leaves also make great decoration for the small garden you have because they too are easy to grow.

Maximum Coverage

While they may be more weeds than flowers, there are plenty of plants for sale that spread really quickly throughout the garden via runners etc. The good news is that this will soon cover your garden and make it seem as though every inch of it is covered in greenery. The bad news is that the neighbourhood might also soon be engulfed in the creeper unless you take steps to prune it. Ask the person at the store and go for the creeper, runner or shrub that offers the new owners the most coverage in their gardens because it will save you the time of having to nurture a growing thing.

Trending… Faux

If faux fur has been approved by the notoriously uptight fashion industry, then fake grass should be a standard form of making your garden look greener. Many different companies sell artificial turf and even install it for you. It is super easy to manage (simply hose it down with a forceful jet of water), very durable and actually quite easy for you. Fake grass is also timely because space is at a premium and faux grass can help create pockets of green in a busy, bustling city. Unlike in real grass, you will not be bothered by insects or even dew drops or mist because the faux grass removes all of their living conditions completely. Soon people will realize that installing artificial turf is half as much trouble every day as maintaining a real one and make the switch.